O in the works




O in the works

The ‘A-Z of O’ link describes all O commands; ‘How to O’ introduces some aspects of working with O. New users should read the instructions available from the link ‘How to O’ and download the example files from my kipaut directory of the ftp server (p2map_2011.pdf and a zip-directory p2map.zip).

Here I describe the new version that I’m working on (often before I update ‘A-Z of O’), and any news that may be of interest to O users.

160901 Start work on the release notes for the OS X release under El Capitan.

170117 ‘A-Z of O’ web pages for Ov15 (Strix nebulosa) commands have been updated.

170118 Mac OS X binary 160613_osx86_ono & 161214_data.zip to my v15.0 directory on the ftp server.

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  1. A-Z of O

  2. How to O

N.B. The text at the top of the page are links to Ov15 release notes and O-related sites.

O v15 (Strix nebulosa) release