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Subunit collapse upon release from the chaperone


Anton Zavialov's Home@Work Page

My research is primarily focused on understanding mechanisms of action of molecular chaperones, proteins that assist the non-covalent folding/unfolding and the assembly/disassembly of other macromolecular structures. The mechanisms are revealed by determining conformational and energetic changes both in chaperones and substrate proteins during the chaperone assisted folding and assembly. In addition, I perform more “traditional” structure-function studies of a family of surface organelles of Gram negative pathogens (e.g. Yersinia and Salmonella spp), which we call “polyadhesins assembled via the FGL chaperone-usher pathway”, a novel family of extracellular signaling proteins, the adenosine deaminase related growth factors (ADGF), and a family of cystein proteases, the metacaspases, which are involved in the programmed cell death in plants.

Our studies are supported by grants from the Swedish Research Council (Natural Science and Medicine) and the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (FORMAS).

Group members
Xiaodi Yu (Dee), PhD student
Mubinur Rahman (Mubin), PhD student
Saumendra Prasad Roy, Researcher

Former group members
Srisailam Marupakula , now at SLU, Uppsala, Sweden
Ganesh Ram, now at GBB, Haren, The Netherlands
Jinghui Luo, now at SU, Stockholm, Sweden

Are you interested in doing a PhD, postdoc or undergraduate project / examensarbete with me? You are most welcome to contact me!


Methods in Protein Chemistry



Our "Structural basis for the growth factor activity of human adenosine deaminase ADA2" is choosen as Paper of the Week!

Our new huge review on fimbrial adhesins is published!

The Nature paper is out!

Zavialov et al 2003, Cell cover: Preserved folding energy drives fiber formation

Zavialov & Knight 2007, Mol Micro cover: Caf1M tetramer

Contact information
Anton Zavialov
Assoc. Professor (Docent)
Department of Molecular Biology
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Uppsala Biomedical Centre
P.O. Box 590
S-751 24 Uppsala


the Caf1M-Caf1 chaperone-subunit complex
The Caf1M-Caf1 chaperone-subunit complex

the Caf1M-Caf1-Caf1 chaperone-subunit-subunit complex The Caf1M-Caf1-Caf1 chaperone-subunit-subunit complex

free Caf1M chaperone forms tetramers Free Caf1M chaperone forms tetramers

the plug domain of the Caf1A usher The plug domain of the Caf1A usher

human adenosine deaminase growth factor ADA2
Human adenosine deaminase growth factor ADA2

Molecular Biology
Box 590, SE-751 24 Uppsala (visiting address: Husargatan 3, Biomedical Center entrance C11)
Phone +46 18 4714987 • Fax +46 18 536971
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