BI1032 Biochemistry I - Period 2, 2012
(för Bioteknologi, Livsmedel, Mat & Hälsa)

Berg, Tymoczko & Stryer, Biochemistry, 7th ed. (International edition) (W.H. Freeman and Company, New York, ISBN 1-4292-7635-5) Welcome
This web site has been created for the benefit of students taking the BI1032 Biochemistry course at SLU. More information about the web site can be found on the About... page. For more information about the course, read the info page.

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Tentaresultat 17 jan 2013 (click here).
Extra exam (omtenta) will probably be in February at BMC, but the date is not decided yet.

Fyll i Kursvärdering! Please, fill in the course evaluation as soon as you can:

Answers for group exercise "Methabolic pathways and integration" are now uploaded and available under Course Elements -> Exercises.

Answers for group exercise "Energy metabolism" are now uploaded and available under Course Elements -> Exercises.

Schedule change: The lecture "Pentose phosphate pathway..." is moved from Fri 14 Dec 13:15-15:00 to Tue 18 Dec 14:15-16:00 in room UH-C.

"Bioinformatics" computer practical. Majid has examined and updated instructions for the practical and files have been uploaded under Course Elements -> Labs. Copies of the updated instructions will be distributed to students at the lecture "Photosynthesis" by Jerry, tomorrow Wed 12 Dec.

Answers for group exercise "Enzymes..." are now uploaded and available under Course Elements -> Exercises.

Answers for group exercise "Basic, proteins, genes..." are now uploaded and available under Course Elements -> Exercises.

Schedule change. The wet lab "Oxidative phosphorylation" Tue 18 Dec has been cancelled, due to practical problems with preparation of material. We have not yet decided what to replace with. The time slot is kept scheduled as "To be announced" until further notice.

The course homepage in SLUNIK is activated:

A preliminary version of the schedule is now uploaded. Click on schedule in the menu to the left. Beware that there may be changes.

The BI1032 course will start with roll call (upprop) at 13:00 on Tuesday November 13, 2012, in room E, Undervisningshuset, Ultuna, Uppsala.
The recommended course book is Berg, Tymoczko & Stryer "Biochemistry" 7th ed. (International edition) W.H. Freeman and Company, New York, ISBN 1-4292-7635-5.

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